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Latest News
Persons can now take part in the Profit Sharing Program without needing to register as a Silver member.

Exciting news and updates everyone. Our programming team has informed us that very very soon we will be fully integrated with our Bitcoin Payment Processor and all earnings reflected in Bitcoin values. This is great because it means all earnings will rise and increase as the value of  Bitcoin continues to increase.  With Bitcoin reaching higher highs and breaking records there's no doubt in our minds that Flow Money System will be among the best and most exciting Bitcoin generating systems on the internet.

Be sure to register early and secure your position in the platform before we launch and go viral


Crypto-currency is certainly taking the world by storm and in order to keep up with the tide we understand the need to adapt as well therefore FMS will now be accepting Bitcoin payments as the preferred and sole payment option.

Commissions earned from our Compensation plan will also be paid in the form of Bitcoin as well. This news is extremely exciting to those persons who understand the potential of what Bitcoin can bring to their financial future and we are excited to now offer this form of payment to the public. 

We are in the process of having the blockchain processor added to the member back-office for easy and automated registration and activations. Until then, activations will be done manually by our support team.  Please refer to the "Get Activated" tab on the website  for instuctions on this process