No, once you purchase an FMS membership, you NEVER have to pull your pocket again. Any and all fees will be Out-Of-Profit and NOT Out-of-Pocket

We believe entrepreneurship should begin as early as possible and based on how the FMS platform is set up we have no problem with children having a home Based Business to start honing their skills on from an early age just be marketing and sharing information

No, pyramid schemes & ponzi-schemes offer no products or services. Just a promise of huge returns after an investment and the only way money can be made is by recruiting others for commissions. Flow Money System allows all members to advertising services as well as a digital marketplace

 No. After initially activating your account, upgrading occurs automatically. There is no need to contact Admin

 Matrix is just a word used to describe the structure you are placed into. It comprises of 6 positions. 2 directly beneath you and 2 under each of those 1st 2 positions.

 No. FMS has no sponsorship requirements. As long as all 6 positions within your matrix have been filled you will Re-Cycle and be upgraded no matter who sponsored those members. Reps may also earn daily passive returns via the Profit Share Program if it is currently being offered

You will simply re-cycle into THEIR current matrix and occupying one of their 6 positions. You will be upgraded to the next level as well and placed into the matrix of the first qualified position under the company position. Shortly the default place to fall will be in the matrix oof the 1st qualified upline

 No. As soon as you upgrade to that higher level, your referred member will revert to your structure when they complete their current matrix.

Currently, we accept only Bitcoin

Once you have submitted a withdrawal request, your earnings are paid in Bitcoin directly to your registered bitcoin payment address on file

Yes. Access to all features, benefits and commissions are given only after payment has been made and confirmed

 No. Anyone can participate in Flow Money System whether they own a busines or not.

NO. Persons DO NOT have to get others to sign up in order to benefit. Everyone is free to participate solely for the  services or the passive profit share program.